Aug. 9: Our recent announcement about reduction in reservoir levels has had a very positive effect, resulting in the levels gaining ground and we are now maintaining acceptable levels. Thank you for abiding by the stage 4 water restrictions. If we continue to stand by each other through this, we will be ok.

The water restrictions for Little Qualicum River Village are set right here in the village  in liaison with our water operator and his staff, and are unrelated to any other jurisdiction (such as the RDN). Our common  water system is a single large reservoir fed by 4 separate wells. One of those wells (well 13) has an arsenic count that is higher than what is allowed by Health Canada or Island Health, requiring water from that source to be blended and treated in order to keep the count leaving the reservoir down to acceptable levels.


Our current blending procedures keep the final count down well below the allowed maximum.

The proposed new well would increase the water supply without arsenic and help avoid using the water from Well 13 unless absolutely necessary.


Again thank you for taking this seriously. We will continue to keep you apprised of the situation and will reduce restriction levels as conditions allow.

Aug. 6: Our reservoirs are not keeping up with demands. In fact they are being depleted frighteningly, so at this rate we could be running dry.  We still are in a Stage 4 Water Restriction and expect to be for several more months unless we get some major, steady, and frequent rain soon and even then, maybe not until November at best.  Please  minimize your water usage as much as possible.


Aside from not watering plants and not washing vehicles, there are other ways to minimize wasting water.  For example, take showers, not baths. If showering, place a 5 gallon bucket in the corner of your shower stall. It can be filled with only two 3-minute showers. Toilets are also a big waster. Remember: If it's yellow, let it mellow; if it's brown, flush it down with your gray water. Only do laundry if you have a full load.


It's unlikely that we can get a new well in place at the storage unit area until the sheds all come down. Even then, it will take time.


Thanks for helping do your part.


Stage 4 water restrictions are now in effect in LQRV

  • Essential water use only

  • No outdoor water use​

    • Vegetable gardens and fruit trees exempt - hand water
      before 9:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.

All Administrative and Financial functions of Strata Corporation VIS4673 (LQRV) are now being handled by Proline Property Management. All Owners and Residents are urged to register with Proline by clicking the logo below and following the "Login / Register" prompt (upper right corner):

The website is called StrataPress. You can also register by entering the following address in your web browser:
(or click the link). For "Account Type" choose "Strata Owner. When asked which property you are associated with start typing "VIS 4673 Little Qualicum River Village".

Going forward, all new meeting notices, agendas, and minutes, as well as all financial  and related information will be available only from the StrataPress website.

Click this link for a document describing all the things you can do on the StrataPress website. This information was emailed to our mailing list; if you are on the list but didn't get it, please check your spam folder to see if it went there.

At this time, it is intended that this website ( will continue to be maintained with a focus on information that is outside Proline's scope, and community notices such as watering restrictions, etc.

We urgently need all owners to sign the Demolition Consent Form in order to go forward with that project and protect our insurance. Please download it from this link and either return it to, mail it to Strata Council VIS4673, 1773 Country Road, Qualicum Beach, V9K 2S3, or drop it in the mailbox at the gatehouse.


Strata Council

Due to the current important issues, it is important that we communicate often and clearly with owners and residents. Broadcast email is our most effective tool for this, but we still have ~30% of owners who have not yet consented to accept email. Please download this email consent form and return it to so that we can add you to our distribution list. This applies only to owners and registered residents (those listed on a Form K) of course.


Strata Council


Welcome to the Official Site of Little Qualicum River Village Strata Corporation VIS4673

LIttle Qualicum River Village, also known as LQRV, is a wonderfully warm and welcoming community that offers the unique opportunity to live in the country with the benefits of friends and neighbours nearby.  The more than 250 homes and acreages are all located on a breathtaking 575 acres of land that boasts the most beautiful mountain, river, and ocean views that BC has to offer.  The community borders the Little Qualicum River Provincial Park and its spectacular waterfalls and hiking trails are within hiking distance of the village gate.  Within the LIttle Qualicum Village, many residents walk, run, hike, or spend time at Mountain View Park, which has play equipment for young children.  Life in LIttle Qualicum River Village is never dull, thanks to the wonderful community spirit that exists in this mountain development.  Village volunteers organize celebrations and social activities for all residents to enjoy throughout the year - for young families and working adults, as well as many retirees and seniors.  The village truly is a place where everyone comes together harmoniously in a secure and supportive community.  Living here is how life is meant to be lived.